The Future of Multi-Cloud Networking Report

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The phrase “multicloud networking” has become so much more than just a buzz word. As 2020 has proven, interest and adoption by enterprises is increasing exponentially. It’s clear that the next great cloud wave will be powering distributed applications across multiple clouds.

It’s important to understand how this evolution will impact your business. Download Pureport and Futuriom’s new report, The Future of Multicloud Networking, to learn about today’s key trends and emerging best practices, the overall ecosystem of providers, and more, including:

  • An overview of the multicloud networking landscape today and how it’s evolving.
  • How Kubernetes is driving distributed applications and multicloud networking needs.
  • Why IP routing innovation will drive multicloud networking.
  • The key multicloud networking requirements and use cases.
  • The benefits of open source technologies and their impact on multicloud networking.

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