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MediPortal Selects Pureport’s Multicloud Networking Connectivity Platform

Multicloud networking provider Pureport announced that MediPortal, a SaaS company pioneering an untethered, Patient Engagement Suite, has selected Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric™ platform to orchestrate private connectivity between its customers’ medical sites, patients, and payors.

MediPortal needed a cloud connectivity solution that could solve major pain points associated with adding new customers to its Patient Engagement Suite. Leveraging Pureport to privately connect customers to the Patient Engagement Suite supports aggressive company growth plans and uses company resources more effectively.

“MediPortal’s goal is to interconnect as many patients, healthcare providers, and payors as possible. As our customer base grew, we began experiencing a variety of growing pains including delays in customer onboarding due in part to to IP address conflicts between customer locations,” said Edwin Vargas, MediPortal CIO.

Provisioning a cloud connection can take weeks or even longer, depending on what equipment is available, and who configures and manages the equipment and connections. MediPortal hosts its SaaS-based platform in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and requires its customers to create a connection from their facility to MediPortal’s AWS environment.

Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric platform enables organizations to securely deploy multicloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-site connections—within minutes—without the need for additional hardware or infrastructure. Now, MediPortal can orchestrate private connectivity between hospitals, physician sites, and its AWS environment, in just minutes, through Pureport’s self-service Console.

Pureport’s platform includes a full-mesh backbone and a distributed cloud router allowing MediPortal customers to simply connect through a VPN, via an IPsec tunnel from their remote site to one of Pureport’s regional gateways, and then to AWS via Direct Connect. This delivers faster performance at the edge, and eliminates the need to provision a private line from a carrier.

MediPortal was able to provision its first customer’s connection within ten minutes, and onboard this customer to their network in less than three hours. This network was connected without the need for custom appliances and leveraged MediPortal’s existing Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

“After seeing demonstrations of many cloud connectivity solutions in the marketplace, only Pureport’s platform was able to onboard new customers in minutes, which included resolving any IP conflicts,” said Vargas. “Now, with Pureport our customers are able to privately connect to AWS through Direct Connect, which allows us to lower egress costs.”

Pureport’s Distributed Multicloud Router provides MediPortal with Cloud Grade NAT functionality that intelligently detects and resolves conflicts from overlapping IP address ranges to enable the interconnection of networks.

“Pureport is disrupting the way companies connect to the cloud. Our platform allows companies of all sizes to create private connectivity in just minutes, compared to the weeks and in many cases months, it takes to leverage a carrier’s cloud onramp solution,” said Rich Lee, CEO of Pureport. “Pureport’s self-service Console, paired with our distributed multicloud router, enables MediPortal to establish and manage private connections to the cloud in a way that is now much faster, easier, more cost-effective, and doesn’t require new equipment or deep networking experience.”

For more information on MediPortal’s success leveraging Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric platform, visit www.pureport.com/mediportal to download the case study.

About MediPortal
MediPortal is a disruptive software company providing physicians and practices with a suite of patient centric cloud based tools that empower physicians to focus on patient outcomes and puts patients at the center of their healthcare experience. MediPortal operates on a transparently priced subscription model eliminating the expense and waste of current practice tools.

About Pureport
Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric seamlessly orchestrates private connectivity to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and IBM Cloud. Whether a multicloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-site network, Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric enables organizations to securely deploy cloud connections within minutes, and without the need for additional physical infrastructure. Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric includes a multicloud router that enables connections between sites and cloud providers from the same network, and supports Layer 3, BGP Peering between them. Pureport’s Console offers a visual tool for self-service management of cloud networks, and reduces the administrative overhead and technical expertise often required when deploying traditional networks. Pureport charges based on allocated bandwidth per hour, which allows organizations to pay for only what is needed.

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