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AVANT and Pureport Partner to Disrupt the Telecommunications Industry

AVANT Communications (“AVANT”), a platform for IT decision-making and the nation’s premier distributor of next-generation technology solutions, and Pureport, a Multicloud Networking Provider, announced a partnership to drive adoption of the most innovative and efficient cloud connectivity on the market today.

AVANT’s network of Trusted Advisors helps enterprises of all sizes navigate today’s fast-changing IT landscape. AVANT has built a technology portfolio of disruptive next-generation IT solutions to help the Trusted Advisors address today’s rapidly evolving business problems. AVANT partnered with Pureport so Trusted Advisors can now offer scalable, secure cloud connections on demand to customer premises and datacenters.

Pureport’s Multicloud FabricÔ platform seamlessly orchestrates private connectivity to the top public cloud providers within minutes.  Pureport allows customers to create a cloud-native WAN via AWS Direct Connect, Azure ExpressRoute and Google Cloud Interconnect without the hassle of waiting for typical circuit deployments. Using Pureport’s intuitive self-service console, enterprises create private cloud connectivity in minutes and simply connect those clouds to remote sites or workers over a full mesh network.

Pureport and AVANT are committed to simplifying cloud connectivity, to better enable digital transformation. This partnership eliminates the complexities, high cost and long install timeframes typically involved in connecting to the cloud. Pureport provides extremely fast, scalable connections without deploying any new physical infrastructure or signing a long-term contract.

“Our Trusted Advisors work with enterprises that need to quickly and affordably spin up multicloud or hybrid cloud networks. They need bandwidth that matches their varying needs in order to move data between clouds and add additional sites to the network on demand,” says Drew Lydecker, President at AVANT Communications. “This type of cloud-like network didn’t exist until Pureport created it. We’re excited our Trusted Advisors can now offer a solution with the agility and control that enterprises need to be truly agile and innovative in this rapidly-evolving IT landscape.”

“The traditional way for enterprises to provision cloud connections takes weeks and is often cost prohibitive for many companies,” said Rich Lee, CEO of Purport. “This partnership with AVANT allows the Trusted Advisor Community to offer innovative, cutting-edge cloud connectivity, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional telecommunications solution.”

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